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Baked Just SO is bringing delicious pastries, specialty cakes, and locally roasted coffee to northern Winston Salem, Lewisville, and Pfafftown!

Don’t worry about navigating downtown Winston Salem for a morning pick-me-up, instead, take a quick drive (or even walk, for some!) and come see us at one of our two locations (Robinhood Village Shopping Center & Lewisville Shopping Centre) for your morning coffee and a fresh muffin or coffee cake to go with it!

Learn more about the babes behind the bakery

Baked Just SO is a woman-owned small business bringing baked pastries, specialty cakes + cheesecakes, air roasted coffee, and ice cream sandwiches to you! What could be better, right?!

  • Stacey Milner, Owner
    Stacey Milner, Owner
Stacey Milner, Owner

Stacey Milner is the owner of Baked Just SO and founded the family bakery as a way of living out her true passion as a pastry chef. After years of pouring her talents and hard work into two Winston Salem restaurants she owned with her ex-husband, Stacey felt the pull to make her dream of baking exceptional pastries everyday a reality. A dream she harbored since she graduated from culinary school in Charleston, South Carolina. Upon separating from her husband and closing the restaurant she was managing, she knew it was time to invest in her own calling! And Baked Just SO was born!

She’s always had a knack for baking home-style pastries and other goodies and making them taste exceptional, no matter what it is. Which is why she loves to hear suggestions from her customers! If it’s not in the display case, she’ll always give it a shot. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing a happy customer indulging in one of her scrumptious pastries and hearing their first reaction!

When she’s not baking and perfecting recipes at the Winston Salem bakery, she’s taking in live music, traveling, or spending time with her family. She lives for the connection you get with an artist during a live performance, so concert-going is high on her self-care priority list! Just last year she caught a Paul Simon concert with two of her friends in Philadelphia, so the best case scenario is when she can both travel and experience a live show with her favorite people.

Any other time, she’s spending with her 3 beautiful, fun, and spunky kids! It’s important to her that she is modeling female empowerment for her 2 daughters and son as she runs her business, with the help of her General Manager Lauren Reed. Baked Just SO is a Winston Salem, woman-run business dedicated to providing friendly, fun, and high quality service to every customer who comes in the door!