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Meet Baked Just SO

Meet Baked Just SO

Meet Baked Just SO

We are excited to be featured in the August issue of Forsyth Family Magazine! You can read the article below or link to it here.

By Denise Heidel

Coffee and pastries – a formula everyone can agree on. Especially when the beans are fresh and locally roasted, and the pastries are made with quality ingredients under the watchful eye of an enthusiastic pastry chef.

Meet Baked Just SO, a coffee and pastry boutique that is one of the most popular of its kind in our area. Owned by Stacey O. Milner, who has extensive experience in the restaurant business, Baked Just SO has developed a loyal following of coffee and baked goods enthusiasts.

Stacey opened Baked Just SO in 2017 after years of having successfully managed and operated several popular local restaurants. She was eager to return to her earliest roots as a pastry chef. “I started my career in Charleston, SC after falling in love with food and the process of baking. There’s an emotional connection we have with food, and I love to tap into favorites that help my customers not only enjoy the taste but utilize the senses. Our pastries not only taste incredible, but they are visually appealing. They address the sense of smell, often triggering warm and comforting memories, and our every bite includes the texture of the pastry that adds to the experience of taste. Add to that the sound of fresh coffee brewing – and Baked Just SO becomes the total package!

“I especially love to bake cinnamon buns,” continued Stacey. “There’s something therapeutic about the process, and of course, cinnamon buns are a customer favorite along with our croissants. Although, for some customers, their favorites depend on what we have in the store. Our menu is ever-changing, and we rotate the options, so they always have something new to look forward to trying.”

Since opening, Baked Just SO has enjoyed a great location at the end of Meadowlark Drive, beside Harris Teeter. But the secret about the freshly baked delights traveled, and they were recently able to open a second location in Lewisville. “Our baked goods are still made at the home store,” said Stacey. “But Baked Just SO customers can find their favorite delights at both our locations. We love our new home in Lewisville and are so thankful for the warm welcome in the community!”

While Stacey’s passion has been (and remains) the baking side of the business, she’s formed a great partnership with local roasting company, Magic Beans. “We love the way Magic Beans air roasts beans,” said Stacey. “We exclusively carry their coffees in both our stores, and you can taste the difference in every cup. We offer traditional drip coffee as well as a wide variety of signature lattes. My personal favorite is the lavender latte made with oat milk – it’s delicious with a fresh croissant!”

Besides amazing coffee and pastries, Stacey and her team also serve North Carolina-made Homeland Creamery ice cream. “Our ice cream flavors are so popular, and we love to pair the ice cream with our own house-made cookies for the most incredible gourmet ice cream sandwich!”

Baked Just SO is a great place to grab something to go or visit with friends. Be sure you visit soon and experience something that’s been Baked Just SO delicious!

Baked Just SO’s original location is at 5395 Robinhood Village Drive in Winston-Salem. You can call the store at 336.923.5778. Or you can visit the Lewisville store at 6782 Shallowford Road; the Lewisville store can be reached at 336.946.1027. Visit and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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