For a Memorable & Fun Birthday Party Your Child Will Love - Baked Just SO
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For a Memorable & Fun Birthday Party Your Child Will Love


Imagine the perfect party.


You and your friends are enjoying fresh, hot coffee and catching up.


Our staff is leading your child and their friends through decorating cookies, cupcakes, and a groovy box to
take home. The music in the background is as happy as the kids having fun and arguing over who makes the
best designs. Everyone gets cake, and at the end, everyone leaves with goodies.


A glorious afternoon, without prepping or cleaning, and a sweet birthday to remember!

Book Your Birthday Party at Baked Just SO

A 90-minute party for up to 12 children includes:


  • An 8 Inch Birthday Cake (basic buttercream, with writing)
  • An urn of fresh-brewed coffee (for the adults)
  • 12 juice boxes (for the kids)
  • 12 DIY decorating kits, each with:
    • 4 cookies
    • 2 cupcakes
    • 2 buttercream-filled pastry bags (2 colors)
    • fun sprinkles
  • Happy bakery staff to lead your party
  • Kid-friendly background music, and
  • Leaving the mess behind!


We book parties for Saturday or Sunday only.

Saturday: $325
Sunday: $350


Looking for more? Let us know in advance.

More TIME: add 30 minutes for $30

  • we request a 24-hour advance notice
  • accidental extra time is $50

More KIDS: $15 each

  • up to 15 total

A Bigger CAKE or More DECORATIONS: prices vary

Our Espresso Bar: please ask so we can confirm staff availability.


Let’s Book a Party!


  1. Submit the form, send an email, or stop by.
  2. Pay a $75 deposit.
  3. Confirm an adult attendee
    • All parties up to 12 kids: one adult must stay
    • Party of 13-15: two adults must stay
  4. Confirm five days before the party
    • You can call us, or we will call you!



“We had our daughter’s 6th birthday party at Baked Just So, and we could not be happier! The girls had the best time! They started off decorating their own take-home boxes, then went on to decorate cookies and cupcakes…As parents, we had the best time, too, because it was totally a hands-off experience. [They] not only took care of everything, but they thought of everything, too! As my daughter put it, ‘It was the best birthday EVER!’”
– Lauren B. (Facebook Review)