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Bakery, Winston-Salem, NC


Visit our local bakery and sample one of our tasty treats.

When you’re looking for a local bakery in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, drop in to Baked Just SO to see what we have to offer. We’re a bakery and coffee shop serving up a wide range of tasty treats, served alongside a selection of coffee drinks. Our bakery offers freshly made breakfast pastries, prepared with local and wholesome ingredients, as well as customized desserts and ice cream. If you’re looking for something to enjoy with your coffee, try a scone, a slice of fresh coffee cake, or a muffin prepared with seasonal ingredients. You’ll love the selection of treats that rotate based on what ingredients are currently available in the area.

When you need a custom dessert for a special occasion, we’re up for the task. We offer specialty cakes in a variety of flavors and decorated how you want them, as well as cupcakes and cheesecakes. Some of our unique cheesecake flavors include pumpkin, turtle, caramel swirl, chocolate, and Bailey’s. We also offer mocha cheesecake, prepared with coffee extract from the local beans that we serve in our shop. Choose from cheesecakes in various sizes, including mini cheesecakes that are perfect for enjoying yourself.


Visit our local bakery and sample one of these tasty treats. You can relax in our welcoming environment with your pasty or cupcake and a cup of coffee, or take your baked goods to go. We’re a woman-owned small business serving up all the best sweets to members of the Winston-Salem community, so stop by today and grab something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Specialty Drinks

    • Mocha
    • Latte
    • Cold Brew
    • Drip Coffee
    • Chai Tea Latte
    • Hot (or Cold) Tea

Drip Coffee by Magic Beans in Winston Salem
  • Seasonal Drinks

    • Hot Chocolate

Stop by for a delicious, local brew to go with your morning muffin or other baked pastry!