Air Roasted Coffee in Winston Salem | Bakery in Winston Salem NC
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Here at Baked Just SO, we’re all about everything being done just so, which is why we’re happy to serve up Magic Beans coffee all day!

This coffee truly lives up to the name, whether it’s our house blend, Brewed Just SO, or a crisp cold brew coffee, you’ll immediately notice the light but rich taste.  You can thank the air roasting process for that light but energizing kick in every cup of Magic Beans coffee!

We offer drip coffee as well as specialty drinks all based with Magic Beans’ air roasted coffee. See our menu of drinks below, and stop by for your morning, or afternoon, caffeine fix!

  • Specialty Drinks

    • Mocha
    • Latte
    • Cold Brew
    • Drip Coffee
    • Chai Tea Latte
    • Hot (or Cold) Tea

Drip Coffee by Magic Beans in Winston Salem
  • Seasonal Drinks

    • Hot Chocolate

Stop by for a delicious, local brew to go with your morning muffin or other baked pastry!